Why Hard Work is Not Really Enough

Think about it, if hard work was the only basis for success, then construction workers or hawkers would be some of the richest people in the world. Of course, we should not say that we shouldn’t work hard anymore. Hardwork is still important, but it’s just a small part of a bigger spectrum. To explain this further, consider the following points.

Working smart vs working long

Some of us associate working long hours with working hard. There is some truth to this by all means, but then again it doesn’t necessarily translate to success. Some people even consider themselves successful even when they’re not doing 12-hour jobs. It should be safe to say, then, that a lot of this comes with working smart. When you’re working long hours, you won’t have time for leisure, relationships, and for yourself. In the future, you definitely won’t want to regret wasting all that time when you could have done the work in other ways, better and smarter ways. Surely, when you work in a certain field you’ll already know the ins and outs of it. You’ll be able to make shortcuts or strategies to make things easier. So why would you tolerate doing long work when you can do them faster and more efficiently.

Everybody is born different

This is a no-brainer. It’s already very obvious that everybody has different traits, strengths, weaknesses and etc. But what does it mean when it comes to success? Let’s say for example, there’s a man who has an IQ of 175, which is already pretty high. He can build off of that quality to become more successful. He could invent things, create theories for the knowledge of the world, etc. and become successful from that. But at the same time, if this man has no charisma or confidence in speaking, then he will be limited. If this man decides to start a business, of course he would lose to a woman with an IQ of about 120, but has immense charisma and a thorough knowledge in business. So, to be successful, a person has to discover his/her own strengths and work from that.

All in all, we should understand that hard work is not all there is to being successful. There is even a chance that working too hard can bring you negativity instead of success. But, we still need put a lot of effort, of course. Being successful means that we should play smart whilst also working hard. We should use strategies that will make things easy for us but still keeping us productive. We should also develop and use our strengths as a foundation. So that when we put effort into it, we can reach better heights.

Lastly, think about what success really means to you. If it means living a good life with a family even when you’re not rich, aim for that. If it means being filthy rich, then aim for that! It all really depends on you.

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