Why Every Parent Should Watch The Return of Superman


If you’re expecting a baby or just planning to have one soon, it won’t hurt if you watch this popular South Korean variety show titled The Return of Superman. You can watch it simply for the reason that you’re fond of kids. Or maybe you want to see how other parents are like. This Korean reality program follows the lives of celebrity dads watching over their kids for the entire 48hrs while their wives stay out of the house and gets a day off. If you want to be a great dad or mom for your kids, this is a must-watch program. These are the reasons why I advise every Singaporean parent or parent-to-be to watch The Return of Superman:


The show will give you a preview of what’s to come

We only ever get to see how it’s like to raise kids when we visit our relatives or friends who have their own. But what we’re seeing is only the tip of the iceberg. There’s still so much about raising kids that we don’t get to see – from the moment they wake up until the lights go out at night. They said parenting is a tough job so you better take this seriously. Good thing there’s The Return of Superman show that gives every aspiring moms and dads or soon to be parents to get to see what it’s going to be like when they have a kid (or a set of kids for twins and triplets). They’ll get to see for themselves the daily challenges and the triumphs of raising kids. Maybe the show can make them think more seriously if they’re really ready to be a parent now.

The show teaches lessons of good parenting

The Return of Superman started with four fathers. Some fathers and kids have come and gone in the different seasons. This means you’ll get pieces of idea from every father on how to raise your kid right. Song Il Gook inspired a lot of dads with his discipline techniques to his young triplets. Like the magic of 10 seconds where Song Il Gook counts up to 10 so the triplets will stop fighting, stop crying, or start listening to him.


The show will give you ideas for bonding with your kid

Child-rearing is not just about the duties of feeding your kid, bathing your kid, and taking your kid to school. It can also mean a lot of fun and wonderful things. Be the best mom or dad ever by simply being there for them. Be their playmate. Create wonderful moments together. The Superman dads love taking their kids to the park where they can run around and play. They take the kids to the countryside to enjoy nature or take them to the zoo where they can meet different animals. Some dads go on marathon races with their kids. Some dads take them to sports games. And all dads love going out to eat yummy food with their kids.

The show will make you want to have your own child more

And finally, there’s no reason not to watch this show. The kids are all cute, the families are nice and represent different types of families, and they feature a lot of delicious food and wonderful places. I guarantee you’ll fall in love with the Superman kids. And when you do, you’ll be wishing to have your own real soon.


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