Why Are Short Articles So Popular Today?

Articles are like cupcakes, they give you a good flavor and you can finish the whole cupcake in one sitting but then again, it isn’t as much as the whole cake. Reading articles is a very healthy hobby. In fact, we should read at least one article a day about something educational.

Articles Are Informative

Although articles may seem like a too short of a read to actually get anything from, what most people don’t know is the amount of effort one actually spends on putting together sufficient information for the article. Articles are made from immense amount of research and validation and you wouldn’t believe it but sometimes it would take more than months just to get a specific article out.

Sadly, not everybody appreciates this piece of valuable information. Some people don’t even appreciate valuable information in general. Whether we like it or not, our minds function in a way that seeks information from the moment we wake up to the moment we fall asleep. What we don’t realize is that sometimes we feed our mind with garbage without realizing it.

A Lot of People Consume Insubstantial Materials

Instead of actually helping ourselves to improve, we tend to feed our mind with destructive material that won’t do us any good. Garbage in, garbage out: this is what happens when we feed our brain rubbish. It would be unfair to say that everything that is not educational is rubbish. In fact, entertainment actually takes a certain level of genius to pull off.

But then again, sometimes we focus too much on entertaining ourselves rather than actually improving ourselves. Well, this is where we should change. You see, watching a commercial and reading a good article gives you the same thing, information. When you watch a commercial, you get information about the company or the product which the company is selling.

Reading Articles Means Value for Your Time

On the other hand, if you read an article, you get information about something completely useful. Well, it’s definitely your choice where you want to invest your time but take note, not everything is worth investing on. Articles are a great bite-sized source of useful information. To tell you the truth, they can be very useful.

Imagine reading an article about the company you are applying for and the interviewer suddenly mentions the article, since you’ve spent a meaningful amount of time on research, you’ve got the upper hand. Knowledge is power and having a little more knowledge means having a little more power. You may not see the advantage right now, but you’ll definitely get to experience the advantages when the right time comes.

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