What to Do When Your Dog Becomes Aggressive

Many people got angry when they heard an expat who euthanized a puppy. The expat, who adopted a mongrel puppy decided to euthanize the dog on October. According to the expat, the puppy acted aggressively, biting her children. The expat chose to protect her children – as every mother ought to do. However, there are other things that she could have done instead of euthanizing the dog.


According to Louis Ng, executive director of Singapore Animal Concerns and Research Society, this incident is indicative of a rising trend of pet abandonment or neglect in the country. Aggressive actions are major dog problem but that is not enough reason to take the dog out. If you have a dog with aggressive episodes, you should know that it is not a hopeless case. If it is hopeless, do not ever think about taking the dog out.

Dogs are aggressive or assertive when they’re with other people or other dogs. There are breeds that are famous for being aggressive and assertive. The past experiences of dogs determine its attitude towards other people or other dogs. Aside from past experiences, owner temperament also play a vital role in the dog’s attitude.


When you think about adopting or buying a pet do, you should make sure that you want it. Adopting or buying a pet entails a lifetime commitment so you should be ready for this. When you choose a dog, do not choose aggressive dog breeds unless you have plans of training and exerting your dominance. Puppies need to be handled tenderly. It is advisable that they are hand fed slowly by all members; this will teach them patience and to not lunge. When your puppies are misbehaving, you have to verbally scold them by saying “no!” That way, they will know what is good and what is not.

Lastly, puppies can learn good behaviour or manners from other dogs around. It is therefore recommended to expose them well trained dogs.

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