What NOT to Post Online After a Break-Up

You have just broken up with the person you thought would be THE ONE. Now what? With the social media always readily available for you to vent out, we know you badly want to take all your emotional thoughts to Facebook and Twitter. Well, before you start composing that lengthy Facebook post of your heartbreaking experience, take a look at this list of post-breakup things you shouldn’t post off the bat.

  1. Details of your breakup story

As much as you want the whole world to know about how you feel, you would not want to post anything that you will regret after a few months (or even a few hours). A detailed story of how your relationship ended is not something that your 1,586 online friends (including your officemates and your boss) need to know. If you need to get it off your chest, call or message a friend and see if she can meet you up for a coffee. Face-to-face conversations is much more comforting and a more mature way to handle your feelings.

  • Reactions than will only trigger more drama

Distance and no communication play a major role in moving on. If your ex still follows you on your social media accounts and messages you quite often, put your food down: make it clear to him that you’d rather not want to speak to him and it will be the last time you will be replying to his messages. If he insists by commenting on posts or posting on your FB wall, do not reply. You do not owe him a response.

  • Bitter messages (especially when the breakup is about a third party)

Let’s admit it—there is nothing more gratifying than letting the whole world know how a nasty cheater your ex was and that he does not deserve to be happy ever. But do you know what’s the best revenge? Not saying a word and just killing them with your silence. Anyway, you always have the option to vent offline, but keeping that unaffected personal does not only say you don’t care about your ex’s shenanigans, but that you’re also over him—even if you’re still not. Fake it, ‘til you make it. Who cares! Be the classier one.

  • The could-haves and should-haves

It’s nice to occasionally look back on memories, but making your thoughts and feelings of a relationship that did not work may not be the smartest thing to do, especially if the both have you have decided to stay friends. A nod or a simple hello when you bump into each other is enough, but posting quotes and reminiscing memories online won’t help you move on.

Yes—your feed, your decision. But remember that posting unpleasant things online have consequences, including legal ones. While you can always choose to express your sorrow and anger, you will soon realize that it won’t do you any good. Instead, focus on healing yourself in a private and peaceful manner.

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