What Can a File Server Do For Your Business?

We often say that a standard computer can function as a server, wherein it’s left on for 24 hours and used to share files and data from. Well, this is a false belief. Any standard PC is not built to function all day and night, and it doesn’t support redundancy in its hardware. It simply means that if any of the main components of the PC fails, you might lose all your data. A computer server uses multiple memory chips, multiple hard drives, and sometimes multiple power supply to support redundancy, which means that if some parts fail the server will still keep running.


Now, let’s take a look of what a file server do can for your company.

Increased Reliability

Servers are primarily built to operate 24/7, even if some of its parts fail. So, not only there’s lesser chances of server downtime and data loss, you can work with peace of mind knowing that your business operations can still carry on with Dynatech server and IT services from Singapore which gives quality services and employees can still work even in times of hardware failure.

File Security

With a file server, you can create multiple user accounts. You can group users together and assign accessibility rights to each group or individual users. The accessibility rights will determine who can access what files on the server. For example, the marketing staff can only access their department’s files and need not to access the accounting files. Another use of the Singapore server is for storage of anyone’s desktop documents. This allows users to access their personal files from any other unit if access to personal unit is impossible.

Centralized Date Storage

By storing all data in one place, backing up can be easily and quickly done. With the use of latest Singapore server versions we have today, you can access date from anywhere you are. If you are working from home, on the road, or you need to access and email files to a client while on vacation, you can connect to the server remotely and get all your tasks done conveniently.


Spam and Virus Management

A file server, when used with a suitable antispyware and antivirus program, lets you manage all antispyware programs on all of your user PCs, and will even report to your IT support company when malicious software is detected. The server will also ensure that all computers are using an updated antivirus system, and can take necessary actions if any of your machines have outdated software.

Software Updates

We’re all familiar with Office and Windows programs performing product updates whenever necessary. This software automatically downloads and installs updates to existing programs. These updates are important in resolving problems and compatibility issues that have been identified by the system. With a file server, your computer server will automatically download and install updates for you, and implement them in every user PC on the network.

If your Singapore business has not installed a server yet, we hope that with the items we mentioned above we’ve somehow helped you understand how a server can greatly benefit your company. Start your journey to a more systematic business operation by calling a file server Singapore provider now.


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