Top Ten Commandments of Superwomen  


We do not need superpower to be a superwoman. It is just a matter of executing an efficient system called time management. Achieving a balance personal and work life experience is challenging especially here in Singapore but we can get by with the help of time management. Mastering time management will ultimately get our tasks done.


Mastering time management is complicated since there’s no formula that goes with it. We can read some strategies but we have to remember that when it comes to this system, what might work for the other might not work for us. It is crucial that we determine our pace or drift and think of doable strategies. To help us discover our strategies, we have to remember the top ten commandments of superwomen. Here’s the list:

1.Thou shall be organized: This is no doubt the greatest quality or commandment. When we are organized, we have everything covered systematically. From our pencilled schedule to labelling important files, being organized can make a whole lot of difference.

2.Thou shall be prompt: The getting-things-done-when-they-need-to-be-done attitude will save us a lot of hassle and trouble in the future. When there is something asked from us, we have to work quickly before other loads befall us.


3.Thou shall not be late: When we have meetings, the best attitude that we can exhibit is not being late. When we are late, we are painting a not good picture about ourselves.

4.Thou shall do a to-do-list: We tend to forget things but are as important as the others. This can be avoided by writing a to-do-list. The excitement of ticking one by one can inspire us.

5.Thou shall work in order of priority: We can just write anything in our to-do-list but we have to determine the order of priority or hierarchy. The hierarchy will sort the important ones and the not-so-important ones.

6.Thou shall have a handy scheduler: Never trust mental notes because they can be forgotten. The best thing to do is write important things (especially schedules) in our organizers.

7.Thou shall stay focused: Staying focused especially with the many things happening around us is the greatest discipline. If it helps to put on earphones to concentrate, then we have to do it.

8.Thou shall multi-task – to a minimum: Sounds contrasting but it actually makes sense. It is good to multi-task but if we are too clouded with this, we might lose focus thereby producing mediocre outputs.

9.Thou shall learn when to say “no”: Saying “no” is negative but if it entails forcing ourselves, it should be avoided. If we do not want to say “no” try “later”.

10.Thou shall avoid procrastination: The mortal sin in time management is procrastinating – that is stopping in the middle of something to go ahead and do something else.

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