Top 3 Bookstore in Singapore

As a popular quote states, reading is an exercise of the mind. People read for the sheer pleasure of it while some read to study and gather important knowledge on certain topics. Moreover, it’s important for readers to find a wide variety of books in just one place. Books can be sold in big buildings with stockrooms full of books but the popular choice for readers is still your good old, artistic bookstore.


A lot of Singaporeans find reading to be a relaxing and helpful hobby so for all bookworms and wide readers out there, listed below are the top 5 best bookstores in Singapore.


Originally from Japan, the Singapore branch of Kinokuniya is the largest store you can find outside of Japan. The bookstore offers a wide range of books and publications from varied genres like fiction, travel, business and comics, in Chinese, French, German and the English language.

To promote Japanese culture, Kinokuniya Singapore also holds different events such as language workshops, ikebana and comic art workshops.



It is considered as one of the top bookstore chains in all of Singapore. Not only does it sell books but also stationery and crafting materials, electronics, and music albums. The bookstore also has an abundant stock of college learning materials.


This bookstore emits an old English vibe especially because it offers a special collection of fiction and literature books. This includes essays, poetry, biographies, and narratives. There are also books in other genres available in BooksActually. Other books present are from fields such as human sciences, music, film, and current affairs.


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