The Reason Why We Feel Pain

Our physique is equipped with various receptive nerves that can easily react to different physical stimulator like a person’s touch. Actually, pain depends on the degree of the physical contact. The stronger it hit, the more painful it is. All of us feel pain. We are not super-humans who can desist pain. Pain has been hated by all of us.

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But, sadly, we cannot avoid pain. It’s a part of a human experience. However, it can be eradicated with exact sleep or perhaps a massage. Now, the question is why do we feel pain? Do all of us have the same pain felt once it occurred?

As funny as it is, pain has a very vital role in our lives. In fact, if we don’t feel pain, we would not sense that we have injuries or ailments. In addition, we are only harming ourselves more I we don’t feel pain. Pain can be classified by its intensity or whether it is mild or severe. All of us feel this nociceptive pain.


This is the most common pain that is felt by humans which causes physical injuries like in the case of a cut and/or swells. Another type of pain is the neuropathic pain. These results damage to any portion of the nervous system. We feel this pain when we hurt our funny bone or the bone that is located in the elbow.

Also, phantom pain is one type of pain. Others would include breakthrough pain, psychogenic pain, chronic pain, incident pain and many more. Basically, the reason why we feel pain is that we have pain receptors. Once it starts to function, it will transmit signal to the brain making us feel hurt and become more vigilant to our surroundings.

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