The Personalities behind Our Status Updates  


Mark Zuckerberg meant well when he created Facebook which allowed its users to openly express their feelings by answering the field “What’s on your mind?” The blank space casually invites users to fill it up and most of the time, we sit staring at the space with our fingers on our keyboards figuring out what to write down.


We may have to think long and hard about our status updates because our entire network can read whatever we put out there. We have to remember though that whatever we put out there says a lot about us. Through observation and reading one’s status, we can decode some personalities. Here are some personalities observed through our status updates:

  • The Philosopher: This person is specifically fond of writing and sharing inspirational messages and quotes borrowed from brilliant and popular people. His/her status update will look and sound wise. He/she will likely post “Enjoy the present. Do not trust in the future” or “I am the captain of my soul, I am the master of my fate”. If we enjoy wisdom and dabble, then we have to see how deep this person is.
  • The Hotshot: He/she is identified by cool messages. He/she posts pictures at parties and surrounded by men or women. The posts and the pictures clearly show that he/she is enjoying his/her life. He/she will likely post “my trip to Singapore was fun and extravagant. I hope to be in Europe next year” or “yey, dad brought me a new car”. The messages are straight to the point but we need to understand the slang language.


  • The Heartbreak Kid: He/she openly posts love messages. This person is comfortable with openly expressing his/her feelings and sometimes become cheesy. He/she will likely post “I love you (name)” or “I am nothing without you”. If we are the type that likes to be adores, then we couldn’t ask for a better person but if we do not want to publicly express things, we have to talk about it.
  • The COE: COE stands for the “Centre of Everything”. This person thinks that everyone should know what is happening thereby updating status every now and then. He/she will likely post “on my way to the mall to watch Maze Runner with my best friend”.
  • The Unpredictable: There is a person who rarely posts but when he/she does, it can be anything that comes to their mind. This person will totally post random thoughts, pictures and things. This person is more introverted than any of the other personalities and he/she prefers to just go with the flow.


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