The Most Preferred Car Colours for Men and Women  


Singaporeans are fashionable but men and women have different ideas when it comes to fashion. Fashion can be something worn or something used. For something worn, men tend towards more passive shades unlike women who prefer bold, bright and flashy shades. There are others who are not governed by such fashion and just wear any shade they like. Well, kudos to them!


As mentioned earlier, fashion can also be used in the form of cars. Men and women have different tastes or fashion when it comes to car features and colour. This article will discuss about the most preferred car colours for men and women.

There is a study made by iSeeCars – a vehicle website. The study tackled about the most preferred car colours for men and women. To get the results, the website collated thirty million vehicle listings and analysed the requests of the shoppers .The results are then broken according to gender. Here are some findings of the study:


  • For men: In the past years, men only favour red and black cars. Men perceive red and black cars with muscle and high performance cars. If we are a fan of car racing, the dominant colour is red or black, right? However, in the recent years, men particularly choose different hues aside from the two. The first colour choice for most men is orange which gained at least 73.3% in terms of popularity. The second choice is brown followed by yellow. Red and black cars fell short to fourth and fifth respectively. Men also favoured different palette of colours.
  • For women: Women on the other hand showed stout preference for only three hues. Leading is gold followed by silver and beige. This shows that women are still bounded by traditional colours – which are more practical than flashy ones. According to paint suppliers of cars, silver shades are one of the persistent leaders in the car market but there has been an increasing demand for other vibrant shades whether they are blues, oranges or gold.

Blue is not the top colour but it doesn’t mean it is not popular. There are still people who consider blue a charming colour. The study also pointed out that the colour choice is connected with the type of car a buyer picks. For example, black and orange are a popular choice for sports car and pickups while silver is a popular choice for minivans, wagons and sedans.


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