The Beginning of Acupuncture

Essentially, acupuncture started in China and has been practiced for so many years. However, some records show that acupuncture was used in different parts of Europe in the past centuries. Then, during the second half of the 20th century, it spread all throughout the United States, Western Europe and Canada.


As said, this stress relieving procedure is performed by inserting extremely thin needles through the specific points on the body and it varies on how deep it should be inserted. On the other hand, there are no scientific claims or evidences that it can make a person feel great after acupuncture. But in reality, it has some therapeutic advantages which include pain relief.

According to the traditional Chinese medical belief, acupuncture points are situated on meridians (this is where the vital energy flows). Nevertheless, basing on history, there is no definite proof the meridians as well as the acupuncture points exist. Scientifically, World Health Organization (WHO) announced that acupuncture is able to cure 28 illnesses. The most common are headaches and migraines as it crashes out its primary indications. However, there are no clear scientific evidences that it can heal numerous severe diseases.


In Singapore, you can find a lot of exceptional, licensed and skilled acupuncturist. Not only they provide extraordinary services with experienced personnel but they guarantee that you will experience a risk-free procedure and promises to relieve all the pain you feel. So, when it comes to relaxation, you need to have acupuncture.


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