Singapore Condo Management Firms Increase Efficiency

The property management tasks connected with your Singapore condo is not as easy as they seem. A great condominium management contract means to have a company at your disposal that is able to take care about all the tasks efficiently. It depends on your attitude to choose the best MCST condo management singapore company and to make sure they are spending your money efficiently. Some companies are using their strata title to create confusions, so the owners of the real estate would not know where the money is going. The best method to find a company of this kind is to ask other owners associations about the companies they are using. A property management company that is not carefully checked by the Singapore condo owners will invoke the lack of money to skip some capital repairing works. This is not condominium management and a person of this kind must be fired immediately. Even if a person of this kind costs less, the money you spend on useless works will surely be significant. In fact, the majority of Singapore condo owners are choosing the services of the specialized MCST companies.


The company that has this strata title is obliged to give you the next services:

– Keeping the current balance and accounting situation of the association
– Cashing the bills and invoices
– Complete documentation and a plan to improve the condo in the future
– Paying the utilities providers and the taxes


Some managing agent might even go the extra mile to do estate valuation periodically to check if their works have any impact in upgrading the estate’s or condo resale value. However this is rarely offered and usually this kind of valuation service costs more as well. The best about this value addon service is that at the end of the day the maintenance not only increase your condo value but your condo management team helps to up your home market value against the neighborhood condominiums in Singapore which brings you more benefits when you decide to sell your apartment.