Reasons Why Soda is Not Good for You


To quench our thirst, we drink water but sometimes, we crave for flavoured drinks. We can consider juices and sodas. However, we are often reminded that drinking soda and other flavoured drinks can make us sick if not kill us. Some of us abide while others willingly indulge. Whatever we choose, it is important that we understand the reasons why soda is not good for us.


Singaporeans drink gallons of soda. In fact, some Singaporeans admit that they drink soda more often than water. Soft drinks is a multi-billion dollar industry and it is very alarming that many people are getting crazy over it. Knowing this, we have to understand and evaluate how soft drinks influence our health. This article will further explain the reasons why soda is not good for us.

The reasons are as follows:

  • It contains a lot of sugar: We have to know that soda contains an equivalent of ten teaspoons of sugar. If this amount of sugar is in liquid form, it can cause skyrocketing of blood sugar which will later lead to insulin reactions. If we consume this amount of sugar overtime, we will suffer insulin resistance or diabetes.
  • It contains phosphoric acid: Soda can deter the body’s absorption of calcium which can eventually lead to osteoporosis or bone softening. If phosphoric acid interacts with acids in our stomach, it can slow the nutrient absorption and digestion.
  • Some contains aspartame: If we think that diet sodas contain less or no sugar, we are wrong. Diet sodas contain aspartame. Aspartame is a substitute of sugar and it can be more harmful than we think. Aspartame is linked with other health problems like brain tumor, metabolic syndrome, high blood sugar, cholesterol and seizures.


  • Water contains chemicals: The soda water is just a tap water. Tap waters can contain different types of chemicals like fluoride and chlorine.
  • It can lead to obesity: There is no doubt that consuming soda can lead to obesity. A Harvard study confirmed that if soda is consumed daily, the risk of obesity will increase to 1.6.
  • It contains fructose: Sodas contain fructose corn syrup which is extracted from corns. It will make us feel better if the corn is organically grown but there are other corns that are genetically modified. Though there are no studies confirming the effects of genetically modified crops, it pays to be careful.
  • No nutritional value: To sum everything, sodas have no nutritional value. It will bring only ill effects.

Now that we know the true nature of sodas, we have to make sure that this does not land in the hands of our children.


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