Quirky Christmas Gifts for Her  


Christmas is finally here in Singapore with only a month to go, the streets look lively and buoyant. Christmas sales are imminent and that makes the holidays even more exciting and fun not to mention the gift giving. The jolliest time of the year has come and it is time to think of quirky Christmas gifts for her.


Without them saying the words, your wife or girlfriend would want something from you. You should not ignore or forget this if you want them to feel better. Looking for that perfect gift is not easy but if you really know your girl, deciding on the perfect gift will be easier.

Perhaps you can get the help of your kids or your friends searching for that perfect gift but at the end of the day, anything will be appreciated. Here are some simple yet quirky items you have to consider for your wife or girlfriend:

  • Duck and the plug: If your girl loves to bath, the perfect gift will be Marks & Spencer’s Duck and the Plug. With this thing, she will never leave the tub.
  • Socks: If your girl fancies sock, there are plenty of socks in the market. Whether she likes it during cold nights or as a fashion trend, there is surely something for her.
  • Tote bags: A girl cannot go on with her life without a fine bag. Tote bags are fashionable and easy to carry. Tote bags come in different styles and prints. You should consider something that expresses her love for something.


  • Mug: Mugs are simple gifts yet symbolic. If you give your girl mugs, she will think of us every time she uses it.
  • Bath and beyond: Girls need beauty essentials. She will not ask for it directly because she does not want you to know how vain she is. However, you just want to spoil h