Quick Dos-and-Don’ts of Dressing for Job Interviews


While a well-polished and professional-looking outfit is no substitute for a killer resume, being dressed appropriately—and tastefully—will set you apart from other candidates, and boost your confidence as well. Make a good impression on your next job interview by keeping in mind these simple dos and don’ts of power dressing.

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  • Wear Heels

Not the six-inch pumps you wear on a girls’ night out. The most appropriate are those that are around three inches in height. Wearing the right heels makes you stand taller, give you the best posture, make you look professional, and add more confidence as you walk into the interview room. Go for either black or beige, closed stilettos for a sophisticated look.

  • Dress Smartly

Whether you’re applying at a creative company, where most people dress casually, you need to dress impressively and smartly when called for an interview. Stick to classy interview outfit, like a nice, well-fitted, knee-length dress or the conventional blouse-and-pencil skirt combo,

  • Look Fresh and Clean

And by this, we mean your hygiene. Your fingernails have to be trimmed. If wearing a nail polish, make sure it is a neutral colour, like beige or taupe. Before heading to the interview room, sprits on some perfume and make sure you’re using one that smells light and fresh—nothing overpowering. Lastly, spray some breath freshener as you’ll be engaged to a lot of talking this time.



  • Wear Jeans

Sometimes, job interviews are done in casual places, like coffee shops, instead of the offices, but that does not give you the authority to dress casually, such as wearing a shirt and jeans. Regardless of where your interview would take place, always dress smartly.

  • Buy a New Outfit

There’s no need for you to buy a whole new outfit—from top to bottom—for your job interview. You can literally show up in a pencil skirt you bought in a thrift shop a year ago (if it still perfectly fits) and a pair of heels you got since you’re in college, and still look stylish in them—provided you come to the office looking smart and confident.

With today’s job market, people really need to be competitive to get the job they want, and that includes looking smart all the time. Those who show up looking perfect for the position definitely have far better advantage than others.


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