Personal Mobile Transport

Tourists and local citizens can tour around the Marina Bay with the use of personal mobile transport. The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) is enthusiastic to introduce guided tours personal mobile transport. This will surely change the way tourism moves. URA said that mobile transporters can glide 3.5km along the promenade. It is said that the tour will cover the Marina Barrage, Marina Bay Sands and the Gardens by the Bay.


To date, URA is calling for operators and other proposals for the new guided tours. The fresh way to discover, explore and appreciate the city is coming. It will take tourists and local citizens right at the heart of the city. This will entice and attract more people to visit the area. If you want to know more, here are the things that you should know about personal mobile transport here in Singapore:

Features of Personal Mobile Transport

Other people call personal mobile transport as a personal transporter (PT). It is two-wheeled, battery powered and self balancing vehicle. It is a simple looking vehicle but you will be surprised of its modern technology. It is powered by batteries that can be charged in your home. It is also equipped with balancing technology with sensors. The wheels are made sure not only to navigate (forwards and backwards), the wheels can be used for propulsion or balance. The speed will be adjusted depending on the changing in the point of balance.

Safety Practices of Personal Mobile Transport


There are safety guidelines for personal mobile transport. These practices should be strictly considered to avoid any accidents. You should know that the speed is set to 10km/h. Do not exceed or you will be apprehended. The length of the transporter should be 0.8 m. The width should be 0.8 also. The participants and the guides should always form a single line whenever they are touring to minimize collisions and other accidents. The guides should keep in mind to minimize the deployment of transporters at 20 in a specific time and area so that the group can be managed easily. Tours will be suspended after 7pm. More importantly, all participants should consider training. The guide will assess if the participant is competent enough to handle the transporter.

Personal mobile transport is not new because you will see other countries and tourist spots using it to invite more people. Now Singapore tourism is embracing the same thing. With the help of the motorized two-wheeled transport, tourism will be more dynamic and interactive. Tourists and local citizens are excited for the new venture.


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