Learning How to Say No

When someone asks you a request or a favour, the answer will only be yes or no. Saying yes and no is easy especially if you think it will also benefit you. There are times that saying yes is hard especially if you are hesitant but most of the time, saying no is more difficult because you have to think of many things.


Here in Singapore, you say yes or no all the time that it becomes easy to bear but for Singaporeans who are not used to saying no, things can be difficult. Learning how to say no is the difference between successful people and ordinary people. If you find it hard to say no, here are some ideas that you can apply:

  • Comprehend on the request: When you are asked something, you have to comprehend on that first before giving an answer. When someone asks something from you, there is a good reason behind it. Despite the hectic schedule, successful people take time to comprehend on the request before giving out the answer. This shows that they care even if there is no time to help.
  • ¬†Describe your vision: You also need to think of your visions before saying no. If you get a grasp of your goals and approaches, it will help you draw the line. If the request is toward your goals or vision, saying yes is easy but if it alienates from your goals or visions, you have to say no.


  • Respond immediately: Successful people do not spend most of their time deciding because they believe that the sooner they get out of the request, the sooner they can attend to the other requests. If you have to say no, just say it right away that way you are not wasting your time and the time of the other party.
  • Explain why that is the case: You have to tell the other party why you are saying no. Saying no without a valid reason is mind boggling because it does not allow the other party to comprehend why you did such thing. You have to stay transparent and explain why you said that. This will help the other party understand and they will not think that it is personal.

Telling no is difficult but it is a necessary evil. When you master this, you do not need to feel guilty about something that you said no. You have to realize that you do not need to say yes all the time even if it is your boss asking you.


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