Is Your Best Friend Your Soul Sister? Here’s How to Tell


You believe that in the past, your soul was broken into many pieces and looking for those missing pieces will take time. It is difficult to find your soul mate in the vastness of the world let alone a good friend but once you find these people, your life will surely be more meaningful.


You have plenty of friends but only few who you think are your ‘soul sisters’. It is easy to identify if they are your ‘soul sisters’ but sometimes you tend to ignore it thinking that there are many options out there. It is time that you know how to identify ‘soul sisters’ and keep it for life. Here are things to look for:

  • She is the best companion: Whether you choose to party or nothing at all, you still find each other enjoyable and have an amazing time together. She is the best companion in the world.


  • She tells the truth: Whether it hurts or not, your bestie will always tell the truth. If that selfie is not worth posting, she will tell the truth and you have to be glad for that. Do not take it against you.


  • She doesn’t judge you: Whether you committed past mistakes or about to make the biggest mistake in your life, she will not judge you. She will try to understand where you are coming from and she will be with you along the way.


  • She always know how to cheer you up: It is important that you get all the support you need during major life decisions or life disasters. Your ‘soul sister’ will fill you with love and pure concern. She will know how to cheer you up whether you just suffered from a break up or having a bad day at work.


  • She won’t compete when it comes to dating: Sometimes you like the same type of guy but when your bestie knows that you are into that guy, there is nothing more to say – she won’t compete and completely give up. When dating, your ‘soul sister’ is your wingman.


Others say that ‘soul sisters’ are your sisters from another mother. That is kind of true. The bond that you share is unexplainable and beyond blood. Not all are blessed to find their ‘soul sister’ and if you happen to find one, never ignore and hold on.

‘Soul sisters’ will surely make life more tolerable, meaningful and fun here in Singapore.


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