How to Keep Love Alive in a Long-Distance Relationship


Pulling off a long-distance relationship requires much trust and a lot of effort. There’s the time difference, the distance and just everything in between that could bring out the either the worst or the best in you. But it doesn’t mean that you should already be lonely just because you’re in this situation. It’s still possible to have a healthy and happy LDR as long as you’re both determined to make it work. Here are some helpful tips on how you could possibly keep your relationship going even when you’re miles apart.

long distance relationship

  1. Take Note of the Small Details

Actively staying in each other’s life is one way of keeping the love alive in your relationship. Share the smallest detail about your day even if your partner won’t be able to relate. Also, remember the info he shares with you like the name of his supervisor or his favourite coffee shop. These details may not seem important as of the moment, but it’ll come handy one day and he’ll definitely appreciate you for remembering it.

  1. Have an Open Line of Communication

Aside from the frequency of your communication, you should also give importance to the quality of your chit-chats. Ensure that you’re open to connecting in all other ways possible if the distance keeps you from staying close physically. With today’s technology, you no longer need to wait for weeks or months just to receive or send a letter to your special someone.


  1. Set Some Ground Rules

Before agreeing to an LDR set up, make sure that you and your partner have set some ground rules. Clearly stating what both you can and can’t do while you’re apart is crucial for making your relationship work. Have a serious chat about your boundaries and set the rules so nobody ends up getting hurt because of a careless action.

  1. Regularly Visit Each Other

It’s crucial that you plan your visits well so you get to spend some quality time together. Plus, it’ll be something that both of you can look forward to. But if it seems difficult to do because of work obligations or financial issues, at least specify when you’ll be able to see each other again. Setting a definite date, regardless of how far away it is, will help both of you in forming a concrete plan.

  1. Avoid Jumping Into Conclusions

As much as possible, avoid jumping into conclusions as it’ll only lead to senseless arguments. If he failed to text or call you on the time he promised, don’t flood his phone with angry text messages right away. Understand where he’s coming from – he might be busy with his work or he needed to attend to an urgent matter.

Feeling disconnected from your partner can be quite easy, especially if there’s a distance standing between both of you. That said, it’s crucial that you keep any insecurity you may be feeling in check so as to avoid causing problems that could lead to the destruction of your relationship.


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