How to Give Sincere and Believable Compliments

What most people don’t realize is that giving a compliment to someone isn’t always a good thing. Compliments are designed to make people happy about what you’ve just said to them rather than the other way around. Sometimes a compliment can go the other way especially when you use it incorrectly. Knowing when to use a compliment is very important but what some people don’t realize is that there are a lot of different compliments and you must learn how to use the appropriate compliments for certain people in certain situations.

You wouldn’t want to mess up the use of your compliments because the consequences of misusing a compliment could be grave as it may directly affect the relationship you have with the other person. Another thing you wouldn’t want to do is over using a compliment. Once you overuse a compliment, you are making the compliment lose its power.

Every compliment comes with a lot of power and if you use it correctly, it can definitely boost your connection with the person you are complimenting. Here’s a technique you can use when you are giving a compliment, make sure to joke after giving a compliment. Basically, make someone laugh after taking in a compliment. This makes the compliment much more acceptable. This is the wonderful thing about humor. Humor usually makes what you said before you cracked up a joke acceptable.

Not everyone has the same taste in humor though which is why you should also be careful when you are displaying your sense of humor. Of course there are certain jokes that you could use towards everyone, these are usually jokes which are directed towards yourself which makes you more acceptable. Compliments are a great way to display affection towards people who are important.

Whether it be your family, your friends, your associates, your kids, or whoever holds importance, you should definitely give them a compliment every once in a while. Sometimes compliments are also used to reassure people who are trying to do something and checking if it is within your standard. Some people just need that little push every once in a while. Giving out compliments are a great way to display the confidence you have in someone.

Of course, never fake a compliment as it will decrease the reliability of your compliments in the long run. Compliments shouldn’t be used lightly but at the same time, people also shouldn’t forget to say something nice every once in a while. Finding the right balance when it comes to giving out compliments is something we must all do. Basically, we have to be honest. Give compliments where compliments are due and restrain them where they aren’t.

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