How to Collect Wristwatches

Wristwatches are still the best accessories of choice when putting together an outfit. They’re also functional and practical unlike most jewelry. Some take it to the next level by collecting wristwatches that they can mix and match for any event.

Collecting wristwatches isn’t as simple as collecting designer’s clothes. It also takes a lot of time and a good eye to be able to get the best deals. Here’s what you need to look for when buying quality wristwatches.

What should I look for?
Consider how much you’re willing to spend before choosing to buy a watch. Buy only at reputable shops or look for websites of watchmakers online. Buying watches at legitimate sites is safe as long as the watch has a warranty and other accessories that should go with it. Consider as well the style of the watch. You might want to start with a dress watch that will go well with almost any type of outfit. Try the watch on your wrist. It must not be too small or too big.

Vintage or New?
Vintage watches are pricier than new watches, but they often come with extra features you don’t find in most. They also need special servicing from experts so you can’t just take them to any watch shop. New watches, however, are versatile and practical. They are also cheaper and can be taken to the manufacturer for servicing.

Types of Watches:
Manual Watches. Also called mechanical watches, manual watches have been around since the 16th century. High-end watches are usually operated manually, meaning you have to wind the watch for it to run.

Automatic Watches. An automatic watch is powered by the movement of your wrist. It is similar to the mechanical watch, but your wrist’s actions winds the mainspring.

Quartz Watches. This type of watch gets its power from a quartz crystal and a battery. The quartz vibrates at a constant frequency, but it needs a batter for electricity.

Chronograph Watches. A chronograph watch has a manual stopwatch to measure seconds and minutes. It’s ideal for cyclists and racers.

Diver Watches. While most watches made today are water-resistant, not all of them can withstand the pressure underwater. Diver watches can stay intact even when the diver is at 400 feet.

Swiss Watches. If you want to expand your collection, you should buy at least one Swiss watch. They have been creating watches for over 400 years and have invented features such as the chronograph, self-winding, waterproof watches and perpetual calendar.

Military Watches. Military watches are prized for their precision. They were made to enable soldiers to coordinate timed attacks.

Space Watches. Space watches were made for astronauts and cosmonauts. These watches are tough, scratch-resistant, anti-reflective and can be read even in the dark.

Luxury Watches. Most of these watches are handmade and set with precious stones. If you have a disposable income, why not invest on pieces that will make you feel like a king or queen?

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