Here’s What Sitting Too Long Does to Your Health

Your body is designed to move, but many people in Singapore spend most of their time sitting instead of moving around. In fact most Singaporeans are sitting seven to 12 hours a day. This immobility can cause health problems like obesity, heart disease and cancer. While these diseases usually takes years to develop, the pain due to sitting too long is immediately felt when getting up. Here are the reasons why feel pain when chained on your set for too long.

Your nerves are restricted
Sitting might be relaxing for you, but not for your nerves. The unnatural position of sitting down causes strain to the nerves, which can cause pain throughout the body. If you get too cozy in one position and you don’t move, your muscle contracts and it pulls the nerves it is in contact with, giving you spasms in certain areas of the body.

Your body slouches forward
Whether you know it or not, your body slouches when sitting for long periods of time. When you slouch, your head and neck is naturally pulled forward and downward due to gravity. Your spine starts to curve and your body feels pain.

Your lumbar discs are crunched
Your lower back is just begging you to get up and move. A standing position puts your lumbar discs in proper alignment and minimizes the pressure. Sitting, on the other hand, crunches down the vertebrae and endure a lot of pressure, increasing chances of experiencing chronic back pain. So, instead of just sitting in your desk the entire day, walk around once in a while, make yourself a cup of coffee, gaze out the window, gossip with an officemate—do anything that will stretch out your body, and you won’t feel much pain later on.

Your muscles are wasted
When sitting all day, your glutes and thighs are pretty much doing nothing, but slowly degenerate. Many might think that it’s about the number of hours spent sitting that matters, but it’s really how many uninterrupted hours of sitting that may cause negative physical effects. According to a study, standing up every 30 minutes is enough to prevent the negative effects of inactive lifestyle.

Remember, for optimal health, sitting down should be your last option. As long as you’re able, standing up is always better than sitting down. It might take a while to adjust, but once you do, it’ll be just as comfortable as sitting.

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