Healthy Food for the Busy Bee

Crazy schedules in school or work lead us to eat fast food and junk food – consuming unhealthy stuff that doesn’t benefit our bodies. But hey, there are shortcuts to a healthy meal. Take a look of these quick and easy ways to prepare good food.

Cereals in milk

There are a variety of healthy cereals in the market to choose from: whole grain, mixed with fruits and nuts and gluten-free cereals. Just add it up with good milk (full cream, skim or soy) and you can now have the easiest healthy meal.


Quick-cook and no-cook oatmeal are popular nowadays, so you can have a good oatmeal in no time. Add-ons, such as almonds, hazelnuts, bananas, berries and raisins can make your oatmeal experience more delicious and healthier.

Pasta in tomato sauce

Pasta is easy to cook – just put it in boiling water with a teaspoon or two of salt and oil, wait for it to cook al dente, drain and voila, pasta! You can buy those quick to cook pasta to save time or whole wheat ones to get more fiber. As for the sauce, tomato is rich in lycopene and vitamin C – good for your blood and immune system. Mixed together with tuna or lean meat, cheese and some spices, you can now have a complete hearty meal.


The key for a healthy sandwich is choosing the right ingredients. Choose whole wheat instead of white bread, and choose healthier fillings, such as lettuce, eggs, tomatoes, homemade fruit jams and peanut butter, instead of store-brought bread spreads that are high in sugar and fat. Sandwich fillings can be mixed and matched according to your taste, so you can’t get tired of eating just one variety.

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