Hair Products to Mix for Gorgeous Looking Hair

Most of us value versatility, especially when it comes to beauty products. Most women tend to be particularly fond of products that can play well with its fellow products, whether they’re mixed, blended or matched. So if you’ve been using your products just to achieve one beauty purpose, prepare to be blown as these perfect product pairings will surely increase your styling possibilities for a tenfold.


  1. Volumizer and Anti-Frizz Serum. To infuse a lot of body and bounce to frizz-prone hair, just blend a drop of your anti-frizz serum into your volumizing mousse or cream. With this perfect pair, you’ll surely get that voluminous and shiny hair look that you’ve always wanted. If you want, you can also spot treat your roots and run the mixture through your strands to tame them.
  1. Oil and Moisturizing Styling Cream. Planning to give your dry, damaged hair some boost? Then simply mix your hydrating styling cream with a rich oil. These products blend well together resulting to better texture and smoother hair. Why settle for one product, when you can use both right?
  1. Anti-Frizz Serum and Curl-Enhancing Gel. Frizz problem is not an uncommon problem for those blessed with wavy and curly hair. Luckily, you can now deal with this problem and get lovely curls by combining your curl-enhancing formulas with frizz-fighting products. Using these products together won’t just help you style your curls, it’ll also cut down your frizz problems significantly, regardless if you’re air-drying or using a diffuser.


  1. Texturizing Paste and Shine Serum. If a dishevelled, sexy hair texture is what you’re looking for, then a good tousle using a texturizing paste is enough to do the trick. The downfall though, is that using these products may leave your hair with a matte and dirtied appearance. If you still want tons of hair texture with a natural shine, just blend your texturizing product with a shine serum and work it through your strands.
  1. Sea Salt Spray and Oil. Sea salt spray is one of the key products in achieving perfect wavy beachside textures, but it’s also infamous for zapping out moisture from your hair. The good thing is, you can now nix this problem by blending your salt spray with equal parts of oil. Just spray this mixture on and you’ll surely get the soft, silky beach waves that you’ve always wanted.

When it comes to beauty products, the multitasker are usually the ones to go with. But who needs to spend bucks on those products when you can simply combine your beauty products and still get the lovelier and more gorgeous strands.


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