Giving Everyone an Equal Share

All things are created equal and have different roles in this planet.  But in reality, this doesn’t coincide because there are rich and poor people, tall and short, dark and light, good and bad and etc. Equality does not always mean that you all have to be equivalent in many ways. If your boss is very beautiful, you don’t have to look gorgeous to be like your superior.


However, you must find a way in order to achieve the equality that you want.  For instance, if your manager is very strict in your office, you don’t also have to be strict in order to be comparable to your boss. The best way to do is to give him the respect that he want and let him express who he is.


Give something to others. It is true that you will get emotional when you see someone who begs for help. You may look at them as the poorest people on Earth. Financially, yes. But try to go deeper on their lives. You’ll see that they are more abundant that a rich person in terms of the emotional side.

Many beggars are happy to see themselves as what they are because there are many people who are helping them. Also, they are blissful for they are contented about what they have in their lives. People also get happy not because they have been given something (money or food); people, in addition, feel happy whenever they give to others especially when they know that it is used for their open and not in any matter.


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