Fun Doesn’t Need to be Expensive

Singapore may be known for its high standards and upscale living, but delve deeper and you’ll see that there are actually several things you could do here without spending much and still have an incredible time. Below is a list of ways to enjoy Singapore without the unwanted effect of burning a hole in your pocket. Just keep an open mind and give these activities a try and you might just end up having a good time!


Fond of Movies

Want to watch a movie in the cinema but don’t want to spend that much? Don’t worry because Golden Village Tiong Bahru’s got you covered. They have this promotion called Catch Up Movies and just for 5 bucks Golden Village allows you to enjoy and watch a blockbuster movie that is no longer showing in most cinemas. Just to give you an idea of what they’ve recently screened, it’s no less than the highly nominated film Captain Phillips.

Feel Like an Ice Skating Champion

Bring your inner champion on and get ready to have an exciting time doing figure eights or simply gliding through the ice in Marina Bay Sands Skating Rink. A fun trivia: Michelle Kwan actually attended the opening of the 600-square-meter Skating Rink. If she came to try it, then wouldn’t you as well? Just prepare $7 for admission, another $3 for the rental skates, and you’re set to go!

rink - 13B

I See Green

Now, for something that doesn’t need any expenses at all, except for the transportation maybe, Singapore offers you the Botanic Gardens. The area is open daily from 5am till midnight and the admission is totally free! Bask in the sun and take that lovely stroll with your special someone or with your entire family or friends and enjoy the breath-taking scenery that this garden amidst the city offers.

Don’t Forget to Eat!

Of course, any day won’t be complete without taking time to eat. Now, hawker centers aren’t new anymore but does it really matter if the food here is so good anyway? The food here is cheap without sacrificing the taste. That’s something truly worth coming back for, wouldn’t you agree?



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