Foods to Avoid During Breakfast

For you breakfast is life. You are so used to breakfast that skipping it even once will lead to lethargy or sluggishness all throughout the day. Knowing this, it is important that you eat breakfast whether you are in a rush or no. But you have to note that breakfast is not just eating any kind of food.

Breakfast is about eating the right kind of food – this is to lay the right foundation for the day. Not all Singaporeans realize that their breakfast food selections play an important role in their health and productivity. You have to know what foods to avoid for breakfast.

1. Toaster pastries

You love pastries like tarts. That is undeniably delicious and easy but you have to know that tarts have ingredients like brown sugar, soybean oil, high fructose corn syrup and flour that are not good for the body. You have to be cautious though because some advertisers will tempt you by putting different claims that it is “healthy”. Toaster pastries are filled with refined carbs and high in sugar – it can increase your hunger leading to weight gain.

2. Processed gluten-free breakfast

Through the years, many people have been raising concerns about the negative effects of gluten in the body. With this, there are many gluten-free diets introduced. There is no harm in avoiding gluten but if it is processed and you eat it for breakfast, you have to be cautious. Some processed gluten-free breakfast have high glycemic index that can raise your blood sugar quickly.

3. Granola bars

One quick choice for a breakfast especially if you are in a hurry is granola bars. Granola bars are actually a better version of candy bars – it is still candy bars. Yes, these bars contain oats but they contain lot of sugar which can raise your blood sugar as well as insulin levels. About the protein content, do not expect that it is high.

4. Sweetened fat-free yogurts

It is not good to eat up a pail of fat-free but sweetened yogurts because it contains sugar that is comparable to a bowl of ice cream. The healthiest choice would be a container of plain Greek yogurt with berries. It is good to have fats in your yogurt as it can help you feel full.

5. Scones with creams or jams

Scones are small breads that are sweet topped with dried fruit. Scones are actually made from refined flour and butter. Aside from dried fruits, it can also be topped with creams and jams. These are high in calorie and sugary which are not good for the body.

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