File Server Back-Up System

The File Server is for file sharing or transferring data that can be accessed across networks, while a backup server is used to store important (although sometimes inactive) data. It’s used by different types of businesses in Singapore in order to enable their organization to share files from one location to another without using any portable storage device like flash drives, compact disks or optical media. If the user wishes to gain access to a particular file, he has to log-in to the main server, look for the file and download it to his own computer.

A backup server is the application for safety storage of data that are resultant from file sharing. These systems differ greatly on how they function. Therefore, a user must examine and compare all available options before picking the right software for his servers.


There are several methods on how to keep server contents from harm. The most common method is its auto back-up mechanism similar to the system-restore function of a standard computer. But if you have bigger file sharing network, you will need a more efficient method.

Why Back-up a File Server?

File sharing and storage are the essential aspects of running a smooth operation for businesses dealing largely with digital information. They are part of the spine of the entire network and its failure can result to major losses. Backing up the network core is a protocol to ensure consistency and security. Example, a website in Singapore should secure their own Dynaserver file server where they can store their site’s images and data. If it malfunctions because of any reason, the network can no longer access to the files linked to it.

Modern Back-ups

In our time when a large amount of data is kept in digital form, having a backup server has become essential for securing such data from getting lost, which sometimes happens as a result of file sharing. In terms of backing up files, a cloud can be a significant tool. It can be used in backing up servers and still keeping them in the same network. So if the server fails, you won’t have to wait for it to restore. You can directly access it from another source in the cloud.


System Back-up for Businesses

Today, businesses and networks have many options when it comes to backup server. With improved security encryption and faster internet connection speed, there are more online file server available for incredibly cheaper price, and these servers can be easily accessed any time of the day for consultations and file sharing. Many servers offer continuous back-ups and instantly noting every change happening in the main server.

File sharing and extensive backing up of files should be done regularly especially to businesses who are into online collaborations and telecommunications. They should protect all statistics received by keeping them in a file server.

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