Facts and Myths About the MH370

The disappearance of flight MH370 remains to be a mystery. People are still puzzled what went wrong. No one really knew what happened. Even the investigators are still finding leads to the case. The key is the black box deeply imbedded in the Indian Ocean. International efforts are being carried out to retrieve the black box.


So far, here’s what we know:

  • Fact 1: Flight 370 departed from the Kuala Lumpur airport at 12:42am on March 8, 2014. It signed off from Malaysian Air Traffic Control at 1:19am. It vanished from the civilian radar at 1:30am and it was last spotted by military radar in Penang at 2:15am.
  • Fact 2: There are many passengers but none of them attempted to make a phone call to any of their relatives from the time the plane disappeared.


  • Fact 3: Experts examined the house of the pilot but they found out that it showed nothing disturbing thereby ruling out suicide. The pilot had a flight simulator at home but it did not show anything suspicious.
  • Fact 4: Officials are positive that they pinpointed the signal of the black box data recorder. It is deeply imbedded (approximately 4000 meters below the sea) of Indian Ocean.

Singaporeans are waiting for the latest development. Actually, everyone is waiting for the development especially the families of the lost passengers. They may be gone but they are not forgotten. Singaporeans are extending their grief for what happened.

As for the family of the pilots, cabin crew and the passengers, they continue to hope that the black box will be retrieved so they will know what happened. After more than 50 days of its disappearance, the people left behind seek for closure.


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