Dress Up Your A-Cup

5 Fashion Tips for Small-Chested Girls
Members of the A-Cup team often experience a hard time looking for dresses and tops that can flatter their body shape. Some styles look sloppy on them, while there are also those that just states the obvious. Can relate to all of this? Fret no more, because we have the top five fashion tips on how you can enhance and flatter your babies without looking like you’re trying too hard.


  1. Fancy Up Your Wardrobe. One of the easiest ways to flatter your A-cups is to fill your wardrobe with dresses and tops that has frills, ruffles, pleats or embellishments sewn in the chest area. Not only is this a great strategy to create an illusion of size on your chest, it’s also perfect for days when you’re too lazy to accessorize your get-up.


  1. Flash More Skin. Backs and shoulders are some your assets, so treat them right and flaunt them out there. One-shoulder and halter neck tops are the best pieces to wear if you want to reveal a part of your skin. If you’re fine with being more daring, then bring out your backless or cut-out clothing pieces to show a greater expanse of skin – and since you won’t be fussing for some good bra support, you’ll be more flexible with these pieces than your well-endowed friends.


  1. Accessorize. Flattering your babies also has something to do with wearing the right accessories. For colder days, accessorize using a scarf and leave it hanging low over your chest to add extra volume; for sunny days, opt for a statement necklace that loosely hangs over where your bust line begins. Also, if you’re going out with friends – or especially on a date – bring along a small clutch bag and tuck it beneath your arm for an illusion of added weight on your chest area.


  1. Go Low and Deep. Got some collared shirts on your closet? Then make the most out of those classics by wearing them unbuttoned low and deep. The shirt’s fabric will give your chest an instant visual enhancement, while injecting some subtle sexiness with a deep expanse of your skin showing. Just remember to pair it up with a bra that has clean, crisp lines to keep your get-up from looking lewd.


  1. Get Some Reinforcements. If all else fails, reach out for some good push-up and padded brassieres. These godsend pieces will be your friend for those outfits and days when you feel like you need more filling. Some of these goodies can even bump you up for two sizes.

Dressing up your A-cup babies can really be tricky at times. So make sure that you follow these styling tips to add some extra oomph to your goodies and give you your much needed confidence boost.


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