DNC Now in Full Swing

The PDPC (Personal Data Protection Commission) launched the DNC (Do-Not-Call) Registry which gives you a choice to refuse marketing messages made to your number. As a subscriber, you now hold the power to screen the type of messages you will receive on your mobile phone, telephone and fax machine.


There are Singaporeans who do not need the call of representatives to advertise and promote their services or goods. Sometimes answering unwanted calls are purely annoying. The intentions of companies are noble (they only want to market their services and goods) but there are people that do not appreciate the act. With this, DNC Registry was launched and now in full swing.

If you want to consider DNC Registry, it would be helpful if you know these things:

Subscriber may opt out

For organizations and companies that have on-going relationships with consumers or subscribers, they may continue sending advertising messages without going through the DNC Registry however they need to provide an option for the consumers or subscribers asking for their removal in the list. If the consumer or subscriber opted to be removed from their list, the organization or company should comply and stop sending unwanted messages after thirty days.

Provisions of DNC Registry

DNC Registry concentrates on telemarketing messages and calls. You should know that there are cases where DNC Registry is not applicable. If the messages are for surveys or research, the calls should be answered without a doubt. Furthermore, if the messages are used to endorse charitable activities and religious causes, it should be answered too. Lastly, if the messages are sent by the agencies of government or if it is a political message, DNC Registry does not cover it.

You should know that there is a mobile application that can help you screen the calls. The new application is known as SpiderGate which was developed by Hoiio. Within few seconds, you will know if the number appears in the DNC Registry.


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