Common Travel Rip-Offs You’d Want to Avoid


From discovering hidden charges on your hotel room to getting shocked with all the surprise fees at the airport, we’ve all experienced the stress brought by having an inflated travel bill. In a way, getting ripped off some extra bucks is part of travelling, but don’t let it ruin the overall experience of your trip. Here, we’ve rounded up some of the common travel rip-offs that you should look out for, and listed ways on how you can avoid them.


  1. Baggage Fees

Depending on the airline you choose, you might end paying some bucks for your first checked luggage and a few more for your overweight bags. To avoid this, pack as lightly as possible so you just have to bring one carry-on bag for your trip. You can also choose to fly airlines that allow free checked bags. Most of these airlines have frequent flier programs that allow its members to have a free checked bag.

  1. Travel Insurance

Another known travel rip-off is purchasing unnecessary travel insurance for your trip. Travel agents and airline companies will entice you to add a travel insurance to your hotel accommodation or ticket purchases. Although purchasing one may seem beneficial on your part, most of these travel insurance policies actually provide poor coverage and can actually get quite expensive.

  1. Currency Exchange at Airports

Currency vendors found on airports offer the worst exchange rate for most travellers. They lure in potential customers by offering zero percent commission but in return, they give terrible rates to make some profit. To avoid falling victim into this kind of rip-off, simply compare rates and exchange currencies before leaving Singapore.


  1. Tour Packages

Almost every tourist destination offers a travel package that bundles in various sites that can be visited for a certain fee. Although some of these organized tours proved to be good transactions, most of the time they’re bad deals. These packages often include two or three tourist spots along with some less popular sites that you won’t even care to visit during your trip. Most of these less popular sites have free entry but by getting and paying the tour package, you practically paid to visit the place.

  1. Hotel Wi-Fi

Hotel Wi-Fi can get really expensive – hotels often charge guests S$10 to S$30 for it. The best way to avoid getting ripped off of this service is to set up a personal hot spot on your phone. Another good option is to sign up for the hotel’s loyalty program, since some hotel chains provide free in-room internet access to the members of their programs.

Although these rip-offs are believed to be part of travelling, being an informed consumer will definitely help you in avoiding any of these travel scams. So keep these tips in mind the next time you go on a weekend or holiday getaway.


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