Colors for Your Wardrobe

Don’t have enough clothes? Don’t fret. You don’t need to spend a lot to revamp your wardrobe. All you need is to buy a few but versatile key pieces in a variety of colors and shades. Whether they’re on accessories, shoes, or clothes, adding fresh colors on your wardrobe can spice up your everyday look. Remember, a splash of color goes a long way.

Strong and bright like Red and Orange

These colors, as well as yellow and pink, can be overwhelming, so the key here is to start small. Wearing a red top over khakis or adding an orange watch can bring an extra oomph on your simple getup. Even having a yellow bag or pink shoes can brighten up not just your look, but your day too.

As Calm as Green and Blue

These colors spell casual, cool and elegant. Lighter shades of blue and green tops show a relaxing vibe, perfect for hot days; while more intense shades can serve as a great substitute for blacks and browns for formal events. Green shoes, skirts and accessories can help you achieve a bohemian, nature-inspired getup; whereas blue add-ons can help you achieve a nautical look.

Classic Black, White and Brown

You can never go wrong with neutrals, for they mix and match well with any color. A black suit or dress exudes power and class – great for evening parties. Browns and khakis are your friends if you want to be dressy without looking uptight. A good white shirt can be casual when paired with jeans and flip flops, or artsy when paired with colored, printed pants and shoes.

Do not be afraid in experimenting with a variety of colors. Different combinations lead to unique looks, maximizing your wardrobe. Lastly, smile – you are never fully dressed up without it.

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