Call for Climate Change

All industries and Singaporeans should know that Singapore is not exempted from the impact of climate change. With this, everyone is encouraged to answer the call for climate change. The good news is that the government is calling other nations for a stronger action and commitment to face climate change and deal with it. Stronger policies will surely help us fight climate change.


Dr. Vivian Balakrishan spoke during the UN (United Nations) Framework Convention in Poland on November 20, 2013. He delivered Singapore’s statement and stressed that all parties should faithfully put into practice the decisions and solutions made during the previous talks. The Singapore government is doing its part, for example, the government pledged to lessen the emissions of carbons by 16% by 2020. Dr, Balakrishan also urged other participating nations to do the same.

Climate change is an important issue that needs to be tackled because it can affect:


Water Resources

Weather unpredictability could threaten water resources. For example, there will be periods of famine or drought. If there is an abrupt rainfall, it could possibly overpower drainage system which can lead to flash floods.


If there is an increasing temperature over time, Singapore’s biodiversity will be affected. It can affect the natural ecosystem and there is a big possibility that it can alter natural processes. For example, the soil formation will be compromised.


Public Health

Dengue thrives in warm climates. If the climate continues to get warmer, dengue cases will increase. It is common knowledge that it can lead to death. Apart from that, other health risks like heat stroke and discomfort will be experienced.

Food Security

Climate change can bring upon alterations in the weather. Storms, droughts and flooding can compromise food security not only here in Singapore but around the world. All should know that 90% of Singapore’s food is imported.

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