Best Ways to Avoid Makeup Meltdown

Whether you have oily skin or just enjoy wearing makeup to the gym, locking in your makeup to ensure that it lasts all day can be quite tricky. Because when heat, oil and sweat start to fade your makeup, you need to know how to retaliate – or at the very least, prevent your makeup from melting down. Sure, your trusted primers and setting sprays may help, but there are certain techniques for using these products to make your makeup last longer. So to help you rock a full face makeup even at the gym, here are a few tricks that’ll help you lock it all in.

1. Rub Some Ice Before Applying Makeup
Using ice is a common trick in making your makeup last longer, since it helps in temporarily closing your pores. To use this trick, all you’ve got to do is rub an ice cube all over your face before you start applying your makeup products. Plus, this hack can be quite refreshing when done on a hot summer day.

2. Stipple Your Foundation Onto Your Skin
Instead of buffing your foundation, professional makeup artists in Singapore recommend pressing or stippling your foundation into your skin using a beauty blender. Not only will it help in keeping your makeup in place, it’ll also give you more coverage. Stippling your foundation will also make your skin look fresher for a longer period of time by applying your foundation in multiple, but sheer layers instead of one heavy layer.

3. Press Your Translucent Powder
To properly set your foundation, press your translucent powder instead of swiping it on top. Not only will it keep your foundation intact, it’ll also create some sort of protective layer. When your makeup is properly set with powder, your sweat will just sit on top it and you can simply dab it off with tissue. To best apply your powder, use a velour puff or a flat powder brush.

4. Use Powder and Cream Shadow
If you need extra help to make your eyeshadow last longer, layer a long-wear or crayon, crease-proof eyeshadow beneath your powder shadow. This will help, especially in ensuring that your eyeshadow colour stays vibrant and true.

5. Opt for Waterproof Products
It’s helpful to look for products that claim that they’re waterproof or will last for 10 hours. This way, you won’t need to put much effort in layering makeup products that won’t last all day to begin with.

Even though it requires some extra effort, having a long-wearing makeup look isn’t impossible. In fact, simply putting the aforementioned tips to work will already ensure that your makeup stays locked in regardless if you spend a few hours working out in the gym or just have an oily skin.

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