Best Clothing Pieces to Wear When You’re Feeling Bloated

We all have days when we feel too bloated to even move a muscle. It’s not the best feeling, and during those days, getting dressed takes much longer than usual. With that in mind, we listed down five clothing pieces that you help camouflage your bloated belly and make you feel comfortable.

1. Oversize Hoodie

Hoodies are everybody’s go-to on their off-days because they’re comfortable, loose and forgiving to whatever shape your body is currently in. So get yourself a piece that’s not too plain so you can easily slip into one without feeling a little underdressed, then pair it up with your favourite shorts to warm up your legs.

2. Off-Shoulder Top

Your favourite summer outfit definitely have more use than simply showing off your collarbones. A loose off-shoulder top is surprisingly a useful thing to wear on moments when your tummy isn’t feeling its best, since it takes all the attention away from your torso.

3. Sweater

You can never go wrong with wearing anything oversized when you’re experiencing some gut issues. An oversized sweater, in particular, is something that you might already have in your closet and styling it is something that you’ve done before. But an oversized sweater set in a brighter colour will surely make you event-ready in just a few seconds.

4. Rompers

Most rompers come in loose silhouettes, which will hold your bloated belly well. Those with gartered waists will give you the shape you want without constricting your movements, and it’s also a good option for your lunch dates with your friends.

5. Tiered Dresses

Loose dresses and skirts provide the daintiest illusions to a bloated belly. A tiered frock that mimics a top and skirt combo will make you feel breezy, dance with the wind and erase all of your bumpy worries.

6. Dark Tops

Black clothing pieces are also a great option as they help in making you appear skinnier by making your heavy sections look small. So opt for skirts or pants set in dark hues to slim your body line, while disguising your abdominal bloating.

It’s crucial that you wear the right clothes when you’re feeling bloated. Not only will wearing any of the aforementioned clothing pieces help you stay fashionable, it’ll also aid in concealing your bloated belly and ensuring that you’re comfortable even with if you’re experiencing some gut issues.

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