Best Birthday Surprises for Your Boyfriend

Relationships have a lot of milestones, dates to remember and days to celebrate, and one of this is your partner’s birthday. If your boyfriend’s birthday is coming and you do not have a single idea yet what to do or you simply cannot choose what to do, let this suggestions help you in deciding.


1.       Memory Jar. If you are the type of girlfriend or you are the couple who likes remembering good and romantic days, one of the gifts you can give to your boyfriend is the memory jar. All you need is a clean empty jar and pieces of papers with different colours. Write in the papers your most unforgettable experiences together, then roll these papers and insert them in the jar. This is a simple and cute gift for him.

2.       Food and Drinks. Men love eating and drinking. On his special day, spoil him by cooking his favourite dishes or reserving a dinner date in his favourite restaurants. Make this treat more romantic by adding candlelit and romantic music. Pamper him again by allowing him to have a drink of the restaurant’s most delicate drink. If you want a total pamper and treat, you can get drunk together. Getting drunk can be an adventure to both of you.


3.       Surprise Party. If you are the couple who likes company than something intimate, you can plan a surprise party for him. This entails much effort on your side because you need to invite people, make sure food and drinks are fine and find a venue for the party without your boyfriend knowing. Ask help from your close friends so that you won’t have to do everything alone. Surprise him with this party on the day of his birth.

4.       Something He Has Been Wishing to Have. There are things your boyfriend goes crazy about like baseball caps, a pair of rubber shoes, basketball jersey, watch, bags, cards or gadgets. He would surely jump in joy when he receives this on his birthday and from the person he truly loves. Aside from seeing his rewarding joy, you would also see how much your boyfriend will use and value this gift even after his birthday.


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