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5 Ways to Battle Boredom on a Weekend
Saturday is finally here, and you’re so happy that the work week is over. But suddenly, you’re out of ideas on how you can spend your weekend in an interesting way. You already find going to cinemas kind of boring after a while, and almost all of your girls already made their own appointments. So before you go nuts, here are some simple but great ideas on how you can battle weekend boredom at home.


  1. Sleep

This is surely one of the things that we all love to do during weekends, sleep. Instead of immediately doing your chores, allow yourself to relax for a couple of hours more. Stay in your bed as long as you like even if you think you’ve already slept enough. Well, how often do you get to just lie down your bed and just think of relaxing stuff – rarely, right?

  1. Go Home Food Tripping

Other than sleeping, eating our favourite food is one of the things that we love to do. Stock up your fridge your favourite snacks and sweets the night before so that the only problem you’ll have to deal with the following day is which snack you’ll indulge on first. Allow yourself to forget about the scales for a while. Besides, some Singapore scientists said that having a diet that alternates between going hungry and food indulgence just for a day or two can be healthy too.

  1. Clear Your Closet

Another great tip to fight a weekend boredom is to clean your closet. How many clothes have you stocked up on your closet that it’s become impossible to close it properly? If you haven’t worn a particular piece for at least a year, then what’s the point of keeping it? Do some charity work by donating your old clothes. Not only will your closet become clean, you’ll also be able to help those who are in need.

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  1. Start A Diary

We’ve all once kept a diary, but ended up losing interest in writing in it. So why not start doing it again, given that you have all the time that you need. Someone once said that people only know what they’re really thinking when they see it written. Want to check if it’s true? Then start writing now.

  1. Do A Quite Reflection

Regardless of the kind of lifestyle each of us have, we should still spend enough time each day to do a quiet reflection. Since you’re not planning to shop or hang out with your friends, then it’s the perfect time for you to have this activity. Doing this at least for a couple of minutes will surely have a profound effect not just on how you perceive life but on the degree of boredom that you’re experiencing as well.


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