Applications of Hologram Technology  


The future is full of possibility with the coming of hologram. You see futuristic movies that show possibilities of the future with different technologies and advancement. One predominant theme you see in the movie is the use of holograms. Fortunately, the use of hologram is not in the distant future – it is here and now. Though it is not yet widely used, the fact remains that some industries maximize it.


This article will discuss about the possibilities of holograms. The first thing that you need to know is who created it. Actually hologram is based on the theory of Nobel Prize winner Dennis Gabor. In 1947, Gabor theorized about the interference patterns. He theorized that every crest of wave pattern holds the entire information of its original source. This information can be piled on film and can be reproduced creating the hologram.

Now that you know the concept behind the hologram, it is now time to discover its uses and application. Holograms can be used in:

  • Entertainment industry: The entertainment industry will soon offer hologram technology hoping to give life to legends like Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley and many more. The hologram in entertainment industry boomed in 2012 when Coachella projected an image of Tupac Shakur arranged by Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre.


  • Art: Scientists and artists come together to make surreal arts. It is known that Salvador Dali employed holography first. Many artists then worked with holography manifested in their three-dimensional work.


  • Data storing: You think that holographic storage is just in the movies but the truth is, holographic storages are common now. The need to store information inside photopolymers and crystals paved way to holographic storage. In fact, in 2005, Maxwell and Optware created a 120 mm disc that used a holographic layer to store information and data. Though no commercial product has been released up to date, many people are excited of this kind of data storing.

If you are interested in entertainment or art, it would be great to witness holography in person. You do not know for sure if legends like Michael Jackson or Whitney Houston will grace Singapore and awe you. One can only hope. Holograms can indeed make lives easier, better, fun and amusing. You just need to use it properly and appreciate it in between. In few years, holograms will go mainstream here in Singapore and with that, the future has a lot to offer.