5 Tips to Improve Your Cruising Vacation

Whether it is your first cruise or your 60th, there is always something new to learn to improve your cruising experience. Benefit from these tips and sail smarter on your next holiday cruise.

1. Book a cabin that’s far from areas with heavy traffic
Perhaps, you’re thinking of booking a cabin that’s near the gym, pool or the restaurant, so everything is just within a few steps away. However, know that you will be staying in that room for a couple of days, weeks or even a month, and sleeping peacefully can be a problem when you’re located nearby these busy areas. Likewise, avoid booking a cabin located somewhere at the front of the ship if you don’t want to feel up-and-down motion while trying to catch some shut-eye.

2. Bring extra power for your devices
Make sure to ask your cruise liner if they allow bringing of power extensions. If they do, pack your own charging station or a power strip. Many cruise ships provide only two outlets in every cabin, so an extra power source comes in handy. Similarly, check if you will need an adapter for your devices. Most ships, though, have universal outlets, but we recommend you to double check as some outlets—like European power outlets—are very different from the universal ones.

3. Always take a jacket with you
Even on most laid-back cruises, you will never know when you will need a comfy jacket. Yes, you may be sailing during the summer season, but it can always get windy on board or the temperature in ports can become cooler than expected. Bringing a jacket will guarantee to keep you warm, plus you can stow your cards, phone, maps and newsletters in the jacket pockets.

4. Bring a drawstring bag
This lightweight bag is very convenient for carrying everything, from towels and sunscreen to room keys and wallets. Plus, if you want to shop around during shore days, you have a place to store them until you get back on the ship. They weigh a lot less than regular backpacks and are more secure than zipped purses.

5. Get as much sleep on sea days
During the sailing days is the best time for you to get more sleep. Who cares if you miss the calligraphy class or the afternoon tea? It is your vacation, and you can take your time to relax. Go out and about on shore days, and get your well-deserved sleep and rest on sea days.

Cruising is fun. It gets you to different places and countries in a single vacation. Make the most out of this luxurious holiday with these helpful cruise tips.

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