5 Social Media Habits that Might Ruin Your Relationship  


Social media plays such a big role in a person’s life today. We want to be kept updated about what goes on in other people’s lives and in turn, we also want people to know what’s new in our lives.


One of the aspects of our lives that can garner a lot of interest is our love lives. There’s no harm in letting social media play a role in our relationships. The secret is for it to be done in moderation because as in all things, too much can be bad.

Here are some of our social media habits that are unknowingly causing a strain in our relationships.

  • Expecting your partner to post and gush about you in social media

Not all people in relationships like to post a lot of stuff about their partners and their relationship online. Just because your partner does not habitually post about you on Facebook or Instagram doesn’t mean he/she’s not crazy about you. Different people can be affectionate in many different ways. Let him/her show you his/her love in the way he/she is comfortable with.

  • Wanting them to update their relationship status online

Is it really important for you to be Facebook official with your partner? Would it do something good for the relationship? If your answers to the following questions are unsure and hesitant, then you know you got your answer. Focus on cultivating the relationship instead of obsessing over trivial things such as a relationship status.

  • Comparing your relationship with others


Stop comparing what you see in other couples in social media to what goes on in your relationship. Being in a relationship is not about competing over who has the cutest dates or photos on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Instead of getting jealous over others, focus and appreciate the sweet gestures that your partner does for you. If you continue obsessing over things that are not in your relationship, you’ll end up losing something more valuable.

  • Watching your partner’s Facebook activity like a hawk

Surely, there are a lot of people, especially women guilty of this. We often find ourselves getting riled up because our partner liked a photo of another person on social media. There are things in our partner’s lives that we do not need to know about and vice versa. Stop monitoring his/her online activity so that you’ll stop feeling bitter and frustrated.

  • Getting mad at your partner for not liking your posts/photos

Are you sure you want to start a fight because of something as unimportant as likes? Aggressively liking all your photos and posts is not a good testament of their love for you. Real and sincere gestures of love trumps social media likes any day.

We’ve all been guilty of at least one of these habits in our lives. Now that we’ve identified how it is slowly ruining the relationship, maybe it’s time to minimize our obsession for social media and instead focus on letting the relationship flourish. Social media is quickly becoming a staple in our lives. It’s not entirely bad if we learn to control this obsession that is quickly getting out of hand.


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