5 Accessories to Pack in Every Golf Bag

Certainly, all golfers know what accessories to pack when going on a course. This usually includes tees, selection of clubs, and golf balls. However, carrying additional items for gaming convenience should also be considered. Below are the 5 golf accessories that can be useful in different golfing situations.

1.   Ball Marker – This can be a very useful accessory especially when playing in a crowded course or with a group of friends. Coloured markers and stamps with monograms can be used to easily identify your ball. It is also advisable to bring two or more markers since they easily dry out in between games.

2.   Rangefinder – Rangefinder looks like binoculars that provide accurate distance measurement between you and another point. This will help determine which club to use for a nice shot, and for amateurs, help in learning more about the usage of different clubs.

3.   Rain Gear – The outdoor setting of golf is also subject to unpredictable weather. That’s why it’s important to keep some rain gear when going out for a game. The most common items are jacket, and bag and clubs cover.

4.   Golf GPS – Golf course GPS provides the area’s map as well as measurement of distances and record game data. They can help the golfer in planning shots and navigating the course. Modern golf GPS are lightweight devices and are small enough to fit in the pocket or attach to the bag.

5.   Divot Tool – This is a small item used in repairing ball marks on the ground. This tool helps in keeping the green ground playable and levelled. A player should always bring this accessory with them because most courses require players to repair any ball marks made during the game.

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