4 Socializing Tips for Office Introverts


If you are an introvert, it can get difficult sometimes to get ahead in the workplace—especially because it requires a lot of socializing. But don’t worry, here are introvert-friendly ways to overcome the fear of awkwardness and execute your job as brilliant as possible.


  1. Take It One Step At a Time

Practice makes perfect—including mingling with co-workers. Every day, take one small step to break out of your comfort zone, whether it’s as simple as walking into the pantry and making small talks with co-workers or as significant as presenting at a meeting. If you begin taking small steps past your limits today, it’ll feel like a breeze months from now.

  1. Invite a Co-Worker for a One-to-One Coffee

Go to Starbucks and enjoy a cup of joe with a friend during your break. When asking a friend, tell him/her that you would like to know more about his/her experiences in the company. People naturally love to talk about their experiences and share advices. While in such situation, take advantage to know the person a bit more by listening what he/she has to say.


  1. Attend That After-Work Party

When your team invites you to a post-work cocktail, agree to go with them—gatherings like this is the key to knowing your colleagues more without doing all the work. One best thing about this is that, when in group, you don’t have to be the centre of attention. You can learn a lot about everyone by observing their behaviour and listening to them. And what could be simpler than sitting comfortably on a couch, sipping wine, and nodding your head?

  1. Be Yourself

Lastly, remain genuine no matter what the situation is. Although faking it works in many instances, other times it just appears painfully obvious that you’re out of your character. If you feel really uneasy in a social setting, pull yourself out. It will only make it obvious to your co-workers that you’re uncomfortable.

If you’re an introvert, that doesn’t mean that extroverts are far better than you, or vice versa—each group is unique and should be able to work accordingly.


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