4 Best Trips to Take After Retirement

So, you’re done with the nine-to-five lifestyle? Now that your workdays are over, jumpstart this new chapter of your life with an amazing holiday trip. Our list of four best retirement trips will surely satisfy your wanderlust.

1. Southeast Asia River Cruise
If you want to see multiple places in one trip, a river cruise offers a luxurious, adventurous and convenient trip, especially tailored for you. Several cruise lines offer excursions that include Ho Cho Minh City in Vietnam, once known as the Paris of the Orient, and Hanoi, which is Vietnam’s capital city. Other excursions also include an overnight stay at Ha Long Bay and a short exploration at Siem Reap and Phnom Penh in Cambodia.

2. China
Such a huge land with several large cities to explore, a trip to China needs to wait until there’s enough time to explore it fully—and now is that time. Start your trip at Beijing, China’s capital where you can explore the Forbidden City. Spend a day walking along the 4,000-mile-long Great Wall, while enjoying the vast expanse of wonderful view. A short flight to Xi’an will give you the opportunity to witness the Terra Cotta Warriors. Next stop? Shanghai, China’s largest city and economic centre. Make sure to sample the world-famous xiao long bao at some of the best restaurants in the city, and you be the judge.

3. Maldives
Let’s be honest: a trip to a private tropical beach is one of the best rewards of retirement! What better place to celebrate retirement that the ultra-luxe and super-relaxing holiday in the splendid tropics of Maldives? This breath-taking dream destination is all about pampering yourself. Say hello to five-star meals, spa treatments and private bungalows. If this is what life after retirement looks like, well sign us up.

4. South Africa
For an epic adventure in the wild, a trip to South Africa would be your best way to bid your nine-to-five life goodbye. Animal lovers will love it here; take a trip to Cape Peninsula to get a glimpse of penguin colonies or explore the Seal Island by cruise. Finish out your trip with a safari tour where zebras, giraffes and wildebeest are all in sight; or perhaps a taste of its world-renowned wines in the private winelands of Stellenbosch.

With your workaholic life in the rear view mirror, you can now start planning for the trip you have long been waiting to go on. Whether you wish for relaxation or adventure, solitude or crowds, luxury or low-cost, there’s a trip to give you that epic retirement vacation.

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