3 Top Apps for Every Woman

Being a woman on the go is definitely difficult. You have to keep up with career demands, family life and even your body needs. Thankfully, the solution to contend with all these daily challenges in our life can be found in our smartphones. Listed below are some must-have smartphone apps for women.


Apps for safety

Safety is the top concern of women nowadays. It’s very alarming and disturbing to see cases of violence and crimes against women in the news. We have to be vigilant and to remain cautious at all cost. It’s a good thing that there are apps, like the MyDistress app designed to connect you to the authorities directly if something bad ever happens to you. The MyDistress app can pinpoint your exact location and alert authorities when you hit the app’s SOS button whenever your safety is being compromised.


Another great app that can be helpful to assure your safety is the Grab Taxi app. Since taking public transportation can make you more susceptible to mugging, robbery and other crimes. Apps like Grab Taxi will help you get taxi bookings and ensure that you will get to your desired destination safely. Other apps similar to Grab Taxi are Uber and Easy Taxi.

Apps for your period

This is indeed very helpful for women in order to keep track of our “monthly visits”. Sometimes when we’re too busy, we forget that there are changes in our body that we have to keep track of. The Period Tracker and the My Cycles apps help track our menstrual cycle by checking the symptoms.


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