2015 Life Lessons  


As 2015 ended, it is only right that we reflect on what we have achieved and what we have learned. Mistakes were part of our lives but all was not lost – we have life lessons. Living here in Singapore the past year may be difficult and trying for others but it only made us stronger.


Here are the life lessons many of us encountered the past year:

  • Release habits or beliefs that hold you back: There was a time in your life this past year that habits and beliefs were too much that they no longer create positive impact. These habits and beliefs should be released so you can create something new and memorable.
  • Let go with grace: You were afraid to step or leap because of the uncertainty but that is just limiting yourself. There was a time that you decided to let go with grace and now, you realized it was a good decision.


  • Heart takes time to heal: The past year was full of pains and disappointments. Remember the time when you were at the verge of giving up then you realized that the heart should take time to heal? You had your way of moving on and now life is more desirable.
  • Being thankful all the time: You realized that the easiest and fastest way to feel better is to be thankful all the time no matter the circumstance.
  • Not all people will like you: By now you already know that not all people will like you. You cannot please everybody so you saved a lot of time by being yourself.

These life lessons made us who we are and inspire us to be more. Here’s to 2016 and whatever it may bring!


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