12 Best Indie Video Games of 2019

Indie games often get overshadowed by big budget titles, but they provide a different experience because of their unique game design, art style, story, and characters. Popular games can be quite repetitive, that is why you should try out these awesome indie titles from 2019 if you have recently lost interest in games.


Not only was Celeste nominated as GOTY in The Game Awards, but many critics and fans have also recognized its greatness. This platformer also explores the struggles in dealing with a mental health condition.

Dead Cells

It’s not just any metroidvania game with a fancy art style but it also incorporates roguelike mechanics and exploration in procedurally-generated levels. The AIs are quite smart too, so you can’t just hack and slash your way into the next level.

Donut County

The objective of the game is simple; move a hole to swallow items and make it increase its size. But this is not just a mindless game because as it progresses, swallowing objects gets trickier forcing you to think how to maneuver them.


If you love management, building, and adventuring, then this RPG is for you. You play the role as a shop manager during the day and as explorer at night. If you think about it, this is the type of RPG most of us have been missing for a while in big-name titles: getting to be a hero and a builder at the same time.

Beat Saber

In this VR rhythm game, you get to wield energy blades to slash musical beats. What else do you need to know to play this?


This RPG lets you play as the Shield Maiden whose destiny was altered when Loki dripped a substance called Eitr on the loom that the Norns were weaving. The game will surely remind you of old-school RPGs.

We Happy Few

The game combines elements of roguelike and survival mechanics set in an alternate World War II timeline. Add to that the dystopia society reliant on a drug, making them oblivious to the atrocities committed around them.

The Messenger

A surviving ninja from a ravaged village is given the task of delivering a scroll to a tower on a mountain. If that seems a bit generic, try playing the game to see the ending.


This charming VR game uses a combination of first- and third-person perspectives to tell the story of Quill’s adventures in a mysterious land within a book.

FAR: Lone Sails

Exploration and adventure games are becoming more popular these days, but this title stands out because of its post-apocalyptic setting and the use of a unique vehicle that is essential to you survival.

Return of the Obra Dinn

This puzzle game is set in a ghost ship where most of the passengers are dead or missing. Your task then is to figure out the cause.

Into the Breach

This turn-based strategy pits you against giant monsters while controlling giant customizable mechs.

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