Wisdom of Professional Divers Passed Down to You

Beauty is everywhere even at the depths of the sea. This year is all about trying something new and you decided to learn Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus (SCUBA) diving. There is nothing wrong with that but before enrolling to diving lessons, you have to know what to expect so you won’t be shocked. SCUBA diving is not as easy as it sounds so you have to know what to expect at the end of the day.

Many Singaporeans do not consider this because they are terrible swimmers. The thing is you do not have to be a good swimmer to start loving diving. As long as you are willing to learn and you are serious about your course or lesson, you will never be a wreck down under. Here’s wisdom from professional divers that you should know and seriously take into consideration:

Enhance your skills: You will not touch the sea without basic training. Do not be afraid. The good news is that diving courses are executed in baby steps. That means learning one skill at a time and before moving to another course, it should be enhanced if not perfected. You will learn things from clearing the mask if it gets too foggy to dismantling the gear especially what to do during emergency situations.

Control buoyancy: Buoyancy is something that you have to master – you just have to get used to it. At first it is difficult but as you go along, it will be better. You will see. The point here is you have your instructors to teach you how to move underwater. But before anything else, you have to master breath control as you navigate through the coral reefs. After mastering your breath control, buoyancy will come immediately. If you dream about flying, diving is the closest to it.

Take pictures: You will be tempted to touch corals or fishes and that is normal but you have to avoid it anyway. Touching anything can protect you and the creatures around you. Do not be stubborn and just take pictures. You need special underwater camera. For more information about cameras, you have to ask the professionals.

Forget about fear: It is completely understandable to feel afraid especially if it is your first dive. The thing here is not to let the wave of fear creep into you. You have the necessary skill taught to you and as you go along, you will get better so there is really no reason to worry. Just enjoy the marine life as it is.

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