What Experts Say About Alkaline Water Ionizer

In a nutshell, an alkaline water ionizer processes ordinary tap water and breaks its components at the molecular level in a process called electrolysis. Electrodes with positive and negative charges are then introduced into the tap water thus attracting elements that are present in it. Afterwards, acidic water and alkaline water are produced separately as products of this chemical decomposition.

Alkaline water Ionizer have Platinum Coating

An alkaline water ionizer use platinum coating to catalyse the process of electrolysis. With platinum coating speeding up the process, water is alkalized fast as it passes through the electrolysis chamber. Platinum is also a good metal to use because it is very hard and dense. It will not break down easily and consequently, the alkaline water ionizer produced in Singapore by these kind of KYK ionizer machines will last longer.

Basic Reasons for Drinking Alkaline Water

There are five basic reasons why alkaline water is good for human consumption compared to other types of drinking water. First, it is a great neutralizer – it restores the pH level of the body back to a safe alkaline level if the system becomes overly acidic. Second, it hydrates fast – this type of water has smaller water molecules thus enabling quick absorption of nutrients in the cells. Third, it energizes – professional athletes, for example, regard alkaline water as a good alternative for energy drinks. Fourth, it is rich in antioxidants – these antioxidants are responsible in combating several signs of pre-mature aging. Fifth, it detoxifies – alkaline water flushes out acid wastes and toxins that are in the body.

What Experts Say About Alkaline Water

Dr Hidemitsu Hayashi, a heart surgeon and director of the Water Institute in Tokyo, Japan, recommends drinking alkaline water daily. Ionized water gently washes acid salts that build up in the body due to consumption of fried foods and carbonated drinks.

Dr Hiromi Shinya of Shinya Medical Clinic in New York said that maintaining a clean and healthy colon is widely recognized as a precursor to good health and a dirty colon is a clear manifestation of an acidic, unhealthy body. He said that drinking water which is rich in calcium and magnesium is the key to maintaining an alkaline pH and a clean, healthy colon.

Dr Sherry Rogers, a leading national toxicology expert in the USA, also attested that alkaline water helps rid the body of acid wastes that are poisonous and may be fatal in the long run. After she evaluated the results of drinking alkaline water among her patients, she concluded that the main cause of degenerative diseases is toxicity due to acid wastes in the body.

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